Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan : End of the World in glorious Blu-Ray quality.

attak-on-titan-review-1In a post-apocalyptic Japan, the few remaining representatives of mankind are forced to live behind massive walls to protect themselves against colossal creatures known as Titans who feed on humans.

After the biggest Titan ever to be seen destroys one of the big walls, allowing his fellow Titans to break in and unleash total carnage, young Eren decides to join an army of scouts to protect mankind.

The Attack on Titan anime was quick to become a hit worldwide, attracting a huge fanbase and even getting its own 4D ride at Universal Studios Osaka.

After many successful films based on popular mangas, like Ninja Kids, Assassination Classroom and Parasyte, Japanese filmmaker Shinji Higuchi faced the biggest challenge of his career so far, by taking over the Attack on Titan adaptation, delivering another spectacular and loyal live-action adaptation.

attak-on-titan-review-2The casting is superb, with characters like Eren (Haruma Miura) and Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara) remaining extremely faithful to their animated alter egos; and the costumes, props, scenarios and Titans feel like they’ve been lifted directly from the pages of a manga. It has to be said that the Titans steal the spotlight as well as chilling viewers with their crazy-spooky appearance.

Overall, both Attack on Titan adaptations are cinematic triumphs. The script, action, gore, casting and special effects make these films an epic ride that will amaze first-time viewers and die-hard fans alike. Moreover, the box containing both films is an bonus, as it includes beautiful postcards featuring all of the saga’s leading characters. Get your copy now!

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