Thanks to our friends at Madman we’ve been watching ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ the reboot of the 90’s classic Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. This time we binged on the the third set (episodes 27 to 39).

During this story arc the Sailor Scouts are being threatened by the ‘Death Busters’, an alien species who want to take over the Earth. The evil forces lead by Dr. Tomoe, The Witches 5 and their demons have been capturing pure hearts in order to awake their master, Pharaon 90.

The culprits have been using the luxurious Mugen Academy as their headquarters, creating an eerie atmosphere in the area that attracts the suspicion of the Sailor Scouts.

In this season the universe expands as Sailor Uranus (Haruka) and Neptune (Michiru) make their first appearances, disrupting the lives of Usagi and their friends. The outer scouts who have already infiltrated in Mugen Academy are on a mission to stop the upcoming silence joining forces with Sailor Pluto.

Furthermore, Chibi-usa makes a new friend, Hotaru, a frail 6th grader who happens to be the daughter of Dr. Tomoe and a victim of his experiments. Later in the series she transforms into Mistress 9 and then again into Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Moon and the inner scouts have to try to fight the destruction of The Earth they’ve seen in their premonitions without knowing the true nature of the new scouts in the scene.

This season is vastly superior to its predecessors. ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’, which follows the manga instead of the anime series has a darker plot and an intriguing story. Crystal manages to perfectly re-create the tension between the inner and the outer scouts, fills some story plots from the original series and complicates relationships with the appearance of Haruka and Michiru in the lives of Usagi and Mamoru. Also we have a better understanding of Hotaru’s past.

This set’s visuals have improved immensely and they are immensely better than the previous two ones. The characters have better proportions, very similar to the manga and rounded faces, making them more like the old series.

In this season, Sailor Moon powers-up after the appearance of the Moon chalice, and in ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ we can see her truly shine. Her transformation is beautifully executed with brighter colours and not as much CGI as past seasons. Furthermore, the powers of all the Sailor scouts feel more mature and majestic – even for Sailor Chibi-moon.

Downsides? As followers of the old series, we miss the silly humour a bit. Even though it sometimes pops up, it feels out of place in this series, as it doesn’t have any of the old fillers. Also, the animation has some flaws, pretty much like Dragon Ball Super.

Overall, ‘Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3’ is packed with action and drama. The beautiful artwork and the slight change in the story will be really appreciated by the anyone in the huge Sailor Moon fanbase.

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