Transformers: Dark of The Moon – Facebook App and online game

A very cool Transformers App is now available: TFM3 Webwars

Webwars is an epic online battle where any website is a potential warzone. You’ve pledged your allegiance, now it’s time to claim your turf, take over your favorite websites and work your way up the scoreboard. Watch this video, install the plug-in and check out the battle section to commence combat. Good luck.

We have been playing this for a while and it’s very addictive…Choose your side and claim any website as yours! We must say that Spotlight Report is now under Decepticon Management!

In addition, if you wanna be part of the “Humans”, you can also play the online game Deceptions Descent here.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon already hit Australian cinemas and don`t forget to check the movie review we did for the film here

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