“This is the Star Wars gaming experience you were looking for”

This year star wars fans are in geek heave, as a new episode of the saga, directed by fanboy J.J. Abrams, will be released in December, a new season of Rebels has hit our screens already and, if that was not enough, the ultimate multiplayer Star Wars game has finally arrived, with Battlefront having its own world premiere last week. Stormtroopers, Siths, and Jedis (and luckily, no Gungans) lined up outside game shops around the globe to get their hands on the first copies of the game.

Star-Wars-Battlefront-review2Battlefront simply amazes from the beginning when you play as Darth Vader, using the power of the Dark Side to take down Rebel scum at Hoth’s Echo base. This is just a welcome to the force to get you accustomed to the game – a kind of unofficial tutorial before you’re allowed access to the main menu.

Once the game is fully installed, players are able to choose between playing the tutorials in order to learn how to control space ships, ATSTs, soldiers or hone your lightsaber skills. However, be aware that these tutorial/practice missions are not a piece of cake at all.

The fun begins in full force once you pick a multiplayer mission, in which you can play with up to 40 other gamers online. Just bear in mind that you need a really good internet connection to being able to enjoy the experience and, sadly, our beloved land Down Under does not have decent internet connectivity in so many areas.

Star-Wars-Battlefront-review1If internet is an issue, don’t worry: players can also play individual missions, solo or with a mate, against one another or on the same team, with the PS4 allowing you to activate split screen, something the PC version can’t do.

The graphics are spectacular, full of detail and with smooth animation that will take old school gamers back to riding a speeder-bike in Endor, take down AT-Ats in Hoth with the snowspeeder’s harpoon; or, you can simply become your favourite character and play as Han Solo, Leia, Luke, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and even The Emperor, whose lighting shocks will take every rebel down (insert geek tears here).

Star-Wars-Battlefront-review3On the down side, Battlefront might feel a bit repetitive after a while, especially if you have limited internet data or a bad connection that forces the player to go solo, as all the missions are the same: take down enemies quicker than the AI and collect items, but in different scenarios, as there is no campaign mode in the game at all. That is probably the biggest letdown from a game that could have been the best Star Wars experience ever.

Overall, Battlefront is a triumph in terms of gameplay, graphics and as an online multiplayer experience that allows players to make their dreams of controlling the Millennium Falcon or the Slave 1 come true. But it makes the mistake of dismissing what the previous version of the game had, by getting rid of the campaign modes forcing players to go online to enjoy the full experience, for good or bad.

One thing is for sure: “The force is strong in this one. However, it is not the chosen one…yet”

Star Wars Battlefront is out now in Australia for PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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