Infamous 2 Video Game Review– Cole is back with lots of hours of full electrified action!


After the success of the very entertaining Infamous 1, back in 2009, the sequel wasn’t a surprise for any gamer wanting to continue deciding the fate of Cole in this epic and exclusive saga for Sony Ps3.

Infamous 2 has the concept of freedom at the same time it has the same features as that of the previous one. You can go anywhere in the game, climb buildings, jump on vehicles in motion, complete extra missions, kick the ass of good and bad guys if you want while choosing your path as you go along.  With all the moral and personal dilemmas that a gamer will encounter, you could either be on the good side or become the evil one thus the people in the game will either love, hate or be scared of you.

The sequel allows you to continue playing from your previous game data from Infamous 1.This is not imperative; you can choose to import your original one.  If you do that, you will see some benefits during the game.

The game is centered basically on Cole, which haunted by the ghost of his past and by saving the world with his superpowers. Early in the game, something happens and Cole loses much of his skills gained in Infamous 1. Because of this, he needs to go New Marais city, where he must be ready for the arrival of a new enemy called “The Beast”(introduced at the end of Infamous 1). In the interim Cole meets a government agent named Kuo. She is from the same agency which recently attempted to hunt Cole, but now wants to help him instead. The Beast who has an unknown origin, is devastating the East Coast taking over every place there is. Cole must make a decision; he must recover his powers and find a way to beat this apparently indestructible creature.

In addition, if you are wondering what happens to Coles’ best mate, Zeke, he is also back in this game.

Most of the old powers are back, and it’s easy to get used in using them, especially if you played the first game. But the new gamers need not worry as they will find that the game is easy to follow. Obviously, new powers such as a new ice grenade or the new hand to hand fighting tool ‘the amp’ can be gained. Same as in the Infamous 1, you need to gain experience and do some stunts, complete missions and get some points to purchase and unlock some abilities, which for sure will keep you as busy as we were the last 2 weeks playing this.

The art direction, the design and the visual presentation of the game are flawless; the entire environment surrounding the characters is totally alive, wherever the action is. The graphics have improved a lot and the attention to details is quite spectacular. You have the freedom to destroy cars, and even some signage can be thrown away. Moreover, the sound effects and the video sequences are just amazing!

Another cool thing about Infamous 2 is the ability for you to create your own missions, thanks to Sucker Punch’s new User Generated Content system. Throughout the journey, the player will find some missions marked with green colour indicating that it is a UGC mission. The gamer can complete these missions at any time and even edit them making them 100% custom made.

Infamous 2 is one of the best games we have played lately. It has so many hours of game playing if you choose to complete the extra missions or find some items around. So far, the producers of the game, Sucker Punch has taken the superhero style to the next level, creating one of the best superhero simulation games so far. It breaks the repetitive formula of other videogames, especially the ones based on super hero movies, where you know what to do and how the game will end before even start playing.

Infamous 2 takes everything that made the first game spectacular and updates it to an almost perfect action-superhero game. Definitely, we will be looking forward for an inevitable Infamous 3

Which path will you choose to save the world? Good or Evil?…the answer is in your local videogame store!

A must play game, more than 24 hours of pure action!

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  1. Justin

    Spotlight we want a competition for this one please!

    infamous 1 was a sick game to play! need the second one badly and i don’t have any $$$


    • thespotlightreport

      We would love to organize something mate…but we cannot promise nothing at this stage.

      Stay tuned, because we will launch new competitions soon



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