The Spotlight Genesis – On the Spot. ‘Star Trek: World Premiere Sydney, 2009

Over the years, many fans asked us how Spotlight Report started; and, now that the Australian premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness is over, we would like to share our story, a story that began on April 6, 2009 (a day before the world premiere of the first Star Trek film in Sydney.)

Being die-hard Lost fans, and without any knowledge of how the entertainment industry worked at that stage, two of our original team members—Sandra and I (Jorge)—accompanied by a close friend and former photographer for the site, decided to walk around the Sydney Opera House. We wanted to see how the premiere was being set up and were also dreaming of seeing cast members who may have been around.

Meeting one of our idols for the first time! J.J. Abrams (2009)

Meeting one of our idols for the first time! J.J. Abrams (2009)

After some hours, we started to lose hope and made our way home feeling totally defeated, when a very familiar person emerged from a well-known hotel, wearing a jacket bearing the Dharma logo from Lost. That person was J.J. Abrams’ right-hand man on Bad Robot, producer Bryan Burk. We quickly approached him and said hello, not expecting much in return. Mr. Burk, however, was the friendliest man ever to us, so we started a long chat with him about Lost, Star Trek, and many geeky things, until he stopped for a second and asked, ‘Have you meet J.J already?…Because he is coming down right now, he just texted me!’ That question evoked mixed feelings in us, including anxiety, fear, and joy, especially when we saw the man himself, one of our idols. He walked directly over to us to say hi and chat; even posing for photos and signing autographs. He was such a cool guy and just like one of us: a fan boy living the dream, and very down to Earth. The whole situation was seriously a dream. And it didn’t end there because, after some minutes, Bryan joked about my name: ‘Hey your name is Jorge, like that funny man we have in Lost. Lucky you are not like him. Ha ha.’ (He was referring to Jorge Garcia, who played the role of Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes in the show.) J.J started to laugh too, before asking us a magical question: ‘Are you guys coming to the premiere tomorrow?’ We said that we would be there early on the red carpet to meet the cast. J.J looked at Bryan and said, ‘Well, we would like to invite you to see the film as well.’ He asked for our contact details and finished our fan experience with: ‘You’ll get a call tomorrow to confirm it all, see you there!’ We were almost in tears. J.J hugged us, while Bryan kept joking, saying, ‘If you cry, we won`t tell you who Jacob (from Lost) is.


Chris Pine

Producer Bryan Burke


Sydney Opera House getting Ready for the Star Trek World

Sydney Opera House getting Ready for the Star Trek World Premiere

After the farewell, we thanked both of them and told them that nobody would ever believe us. J.J stopped again and said something that would change our lives. We don’t recall the exact words, but it went something like this: “Why don’t you start a website or a blog to share these kinds of stories, about you going to movie premieres? Maybe you will inspire people, and perhaps in the future we’ll see each other again…Who knows? You guys might become entertainment journalists.’ Then he left, leaving that idea in our minds for many hours, days, and months. And after the world premiere of Star Trek, where we meet the whole cast and saw the film before everyone in the world, we created a very basic blog called Spotlight Report. It had no special features, was perhaps filled with spelling mistakes, and had a terrible layout; but, for some reason, it grabbed the attention of many people, who demanded information about premieres and entertainment in general, giving us reason enough to take the next step and become a full entertainment portal after a year.

Who would ever imagine that one of our idols would give us the first push to begin this amazing journey? The rest is just part of a story that perhaps came full circle at the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in Sydney on April 23, 2013, when we interviewed J.J. again. And he remembered us. How awesome!


The Tickets for the Star Trek world premiere!

Thanks Mr. J.J Abrams and Bad Robot for making this possible!
The Spotlight Team

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