The Light Music Club Is Back!: K-ON! Vol.3 and 4 Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see K-ON Vol. 3 and 4. Directed by Naoko Yamada, ‘K-on!’ Is one of the most entertaining and light series we have seen in years, almost compared to ‘Azumanga Daioh,’ ‘School Rumble’ and ‘Lucky Star’.

K-on! Vol. 3

#9. New club member:

Azusa Nakano, classmate of Yui’s little sister Ui officially joins the Light Music Club expecting to fit in this fantastic band after seeing the stunning performance given by them. The girls are so impressed after Azusa’s guitar performance that they accept her application in a second.

Azusa starts to call Yui as her sensei until she captures Yui’s real personality. At that moment she gets totally shocked on how unprofessional these girls are, especially after her first day as a new band member with no band practice and just tea and snacks.

The girls manage to give her a cute nickname and an outrageous outfit for her next performance. Sawako gave her cat-ears scaring Azusa straight away. Azu-Nya (Azusa) can’t understand how this band sound that good if they are all day playing around and drinking tea after school. At one moment she flip-out and doubt if she still wants to be part of this chaos named Light Music Club.

However, trough experiences the good nature of the girls, the mature personality of Mio and a song that they play for her she decides to stay.

#10. Training Camp Again!

The girls start to think that Azusa is right about flipping out for their lack of training so they decide to go to Tsumugi’s summer house to practice for a couple of days. As usual, and after voting they go straight to play at the beach instead of practicing. Even though Mio and Azusa voted for training it looks like Azu-Nya is having the time of her life.

At night Ritsu suggest bravery camp to scare Mio, but Sawako appears in the middle of nowhere to surprise them and frustrate Ritsu’s attempt to scare Mio. After that, they start a real training were Azusa seems to fit perfectly. Late at night they play around turning-on some fireworks. Later at night and while everybody is sleeping Yui is training by herself at the training room. Azusa wakes up for some water and sees Yui practicing. Azusa highly impressed decides to join her and teach her some moves.

When they are back in the city, Azusa meets with Ui and tell her that she is happy of being part of the band and how this trip made her to know the girls much better.

#11 Crisis!?

The school festival is coming again and Ritsu forgot to fill the application once again. While filling the application form they realize they don’t have a name for the band. A brain-storming of goofy names comes to the table what makes Sawako loose her temper and suddenly she decides to name the band as “After school teatime” to which everyone agrees.

Just before start rehearsing for the school festival Yui notice that “Geeta” doesn’t sound good. At that stage Mio and Azusa decide to go straight away to the music store to get the guitar clean instead of playing. The girls go to the store and Tsumugi gets the real treatment as her father is the owner of the store luckily getting Yui’s guitar cleaned for free.

As days pass by Mio start to get closer to classmate Nodoka (Yui’s best friend) what makes Ritsu gets jealous and behaves childish as ever. After quite a fight between Mio and Ritsu while practicing makes everyone feels awkward, forcing Azusa to act cute as Azu-Nya to keep playing. Ritsu drumming feels weak and she decides to go home, letting everyone shocked. Next day she doesn’t show at school what makes Mio worried. Mio decides to visit her after school to find out that Ritsu is sick in bed with a cold. Here they talk and are back again as best friends.

Aside of a non-existent storyline K-On volume 3 is all about music and friendship, or maybe tea and sweets? The empty-headed and lovely personality if its characters (presented in our review of Vol 1), is the main reason to love this animation. If you are looking for something deep and profound this is definitely not your coup of tea. K-On lacks of deep stories and complex characters. However, amusing stories, having fun with friends in those remarkable youthful school years and everyday activities is what K-on is all about.

Madman brings this amazing collection to Australia with the third volume already out on Blu Ray and DVD. It includes an interview with Cassandra Lee (English voice for Ritsu) where she talks about her audition, the director and why she likes the character of Ritsu. The extras also include a music clip for “My Love is a Stapler” (English) plus the always fantastic anime trailers for upcoming Madman releases.

K-on! Vol. 4
This volume is the end of the first season and includes two bonus episodes: ‘Winter days’ and the exciting ‘Live House’.

#12. Light Music

Just a few days left for the school festival and now is Yui who caught a serious cold maybe while she was trying the new costumes made by Sawako, a short yukata for too long.

Yui’s little sister Ui can’t handle to see her big sister sick and disappointed for been unable to practice with the band. Next day, she gets into the club dressed as Yui and plays the guitar, however Sawako recognize her on the spot, as her behavior is too serious about rehearsing. At that moment, a sick Yui enters the door what makes everybody worries about her. Mio send her home to recover while the rest will practice every day after school.

Azusa refuses to play as main guitar if Yui is not joining them on stage. Luckily, Yui recovers on time and is meant to play on the school festival. However, in the last minute she realizes that “Geeta” is at home! So she runs to pick her up refusing to play with another guitar, showing parts similar to the first episode.

On stage Sawako replace her and plays with “After school teatime” with Mio leading the vocals. At the end of the first song Yui enters the stage and apologize to the audience and start to sing “Fuwa fuwa time” impressing the audience with a change in the song that make the public go mad.

This is the conclusion of the first season of K-On however, the dvd brings two extra episodes.

#13. Bonus- Winter Days!

Winter is here and the girls are freezing to play after school. This time her usual a cup of tea is not even enough so Yui suggest a ‘Hot Pot Party’ at her house, however, every one refuses as they have planes for Sunday.

Sunday starts and we can see what they are doing as the usual slices of life. Tsumugi starts in her first job in a fast food restaurant and impressed learns everything about it. Ritsu is acting weird after receiving a letter in her mailbox that contains weird sweet words what makes her think in a love letter. However as she has planned she takes his little brother to the movies. In her way her planes gets cancelled as suddenly a friend of his brother invites him to spend the afternoon at some friend’s house.

While all this is happening Yui and Ui are deciding what to buy to prepare their hot pot, here Yui start with her weird ideas of cooking texting everyone about the ingredients. Azusa calls back Yui very worried asking for help with the kitten of her friend who she is taking care of, and after Yui and her sister get there they realize is just a hairball. Here Ritsu text back and decides to join them.

At that time Mio is at the beach freezing thinking in new lyrics, however she can’t think in any and returns to the city to see what the girls are doing. At this point Tsumugi is freaking out with his costumers at the restaurant but her friends go there to support her. While they talk at Tsumugi’s restaurant, Mio asks Ritsu if she received the new lyrics that she left at her mail box letting Ritsu all surprised and embarrassed.

#14. Bonus- Live House!

This is far one of the more exciting episodes in this volume, maybe even more that the proper ending, as the girls finally are asked to play live in a club! Here, we can see the girls getting to the club to submit their application form, while the manager shows them around the club, dressing rooms, stage, lights and itinerary for that day what makes everyone excited and nervous at the same time.

At that point the lightheaded group can’t believe her luck of finally playing like a real band. Yui creates a logo (the cup of tea) and they draw on her picks and instruments. As they get to the venue they see all these odd rock bands but Yui approaches to them together with Ritsu and they realize they are nice people and they even share a cup of tea from Tsumugi and some knowledge about being a real music band.

Time is coming and the girls invite their friends and future fans to see the gig, they receive their backstage passes, lights and everything is settle for their first and one of their most memorable nights!

K-On! volume 4 is the end of the first season of this heart-warming series leaving you a sensation of wanting more for season 2. K-On keeps being an overwhelmingly cute anime and definitely the best being the Light Music Club first proper live gig! If you can’t wait for more stories about this particular gang, keep on eye at Madman’s website for more information about the release of season 2.

Madman brings this amazing collection to Australia with the fourth volume already out on Blu Ray and DVD. It includes a 7 minute interview with Shelby Lindley (English voice for Tsumugi) where she talks about her character’s personality and how she got the part. The extras also include a music clip for “Brush Pen, Ballpoint Pen” (English) plus the always fantastic anime trailers for upcoming Madman releases.

Don’t miss out in following this hilarious series. The light music club can’t wait to meet you!…And don`t forget to have a look to our review for K-on vol.1 and vol. 2

See the K-ON! trailer here

For more information about this and other anime, just visit Madman’s website here

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