The Game Has Started! – ‘The World God Only Knows’ Anime Review

The God of gaming has arrived! Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see the first season of ‘The World God Only Knows’ (TWGOK) on DVD.

The series stars Keima Katsuragi, a devoted gamer who is absolutely obsessed with dating sims. His obsession has earned him the title of ‘The God of Conquests’ in the gaming world.

One day he receives a strange request by email asking if he can conquer any girl. He immediately thinks this is a challenge and he rapidly accepts, not knowing that in fact, this is a contract from hell.  The contract states that he has to free loose souls hidden in girls’ hearts and to release them, he has to conquer the hearts of different girls and seal his conquest with a kiss. If he refuses a collar that magically appears on his neck after the contract, it will explode killing him and his new partner, a cute girl demon named Elsie, who is finally off her cleaning duties into a real mission.

Together they have to figure out how to conquer girls. Keima as any otaku-gamer is an expert in a virtual world but in real life, it is quite different. He starts his conquest to help Elsie with a strategy of trial and error as in a videogame and Elsie uses her powers to sneak into Keima’s home as his illegitimate sister. During the series Keima conquered four girls – a gymnast, a rich girl, a celebrity and an incredibly shy librarian.

The plot of TWGOK is very appealing and how can it not be! A gamer who tries his virtual expertise to conquer girls in real life is quite interesting! So this series bring heaps of cracking moments with Keima and his interaction with real girls and all the ‘Elsie moments’ in the story. The anime is well balanced with heart-felt moments of drama, especially when it comes to revealing girls’ secrets.

The animation is fluid and well executed. The backgrounds integrate very well with the vivid colors of the graphics and detailed drawings.  The series is a marvelous mix of romantic comedy, stereo-typical characters and hints of other animations such as Heidi or Pokemon in a very Family Guy style, with scenes appearing quite randomly throughout the series.

The music also plays an important role in the series as it mixes soft piano with pop songs especially with Kanon (the idol) and some electronic numbers. The scores set the mood perfectly throughout the series, particularly in moments of conquest.

The characters in this series are very likable. Keima is sometimes quite annoying complaining about not having enough time to play the mountain of games he accumulated but in the end, you appreciate him as a true God of Conquest. You also feel sorry for him as he keeps forgetting all the beautiful girls around him as he is only concentrated on his game. Overall he is a good character and his cocky attitude in conquesting is quite humorous.

Elsie, on the other hand is a cheerful character, quite silly but lovable. She is probably the highlight of all the girls in the series, together with the biker mum! The girls to be conquered are a bit of a downfall as two of them are quite annoying – celebrity Kanon with her needy attitude and the extreme shyness of the librarian Shiori who has long internal dialogues where she questions everything. However, the stereotypes of the rich girl and the gymnast are really entertaining.

We highly recommend you to watch ‘The World God Only Knows’ especially if you are into gaming or like heart-warming comedies with a little bit of fan service, this is definitely your type of series!

Madman brings ‘The World God Only Knows’ Season 1 Collection to Australia, on DVD and Blu-Ray which is an anime worth collecting, so we cannot wait for the next volume!

Watch the trailer of the series here

The World God Only Knows Season 1 Collection – Now on DVD and Blu-Ray thanks to Madman.

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