‘On The Spot’ – Ziggy Marley Exclusive Interview


We had the lucky opportunity to have a quick chat over the phone with the iconic Reggae artist Ziggy Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley about his upcoming visit to Australia for Bluesfest and his sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

SR. How do you feel about coming back to Australia for a Festival as big as Bluesfest?

ZM. I’m very happy, I like Australia, I like the land, I’m very happy to come back, I love it!

SR. Is there any particular band that you are expecting to see at Bluesfest or someone who inspires you?

ZM. I don’t have any expectations men, I just live one day out a time, so when I come here, I will see what is happening. If there Is something inspiring then GOOD!

SR. Regarding your sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney, would you do something different as Bluesfest, a different Set list maybe? What can fans expect from your presentations?

ZM.You know you don’t have much time in a festival as you have in your own show, I will add some extra songs in my sideshows, they will be long long! We are looking forward to doing them as well.

SR. From all your work as a musician, which one would you say is your favourite song?

ZM.My favourite …mmmm “LOVE IS MY RELIGION” I could say, I think it covers the message that I believe in. It’s the one I feel that reaches me.

SR. When you start writing a song, from where do you get inspiration?

ZM.Well, it comes from the universe, God, Jah, Allaw, Yave … all that that sorts our lives. That’s where things come from.  Sometimes you know, inspiration comes from personal experiences, this is where everything come from.

SR.How long did it take you to finish your last album Wild and Free?

ZM. It took me about 2 months to finish it. Usually it doesn’t take that long. We try to do it very authentically, just music purity. That’s how we did that one.

SR. Do you have any upcoming album after Wild and Free? What’s your latest project?

ZM. Yes! We are working on a live album that hopefully might be ready for summer time. That’s the next project I’m working on.

SR. You have been contributing a lot to social organization for children. Do you have any project coming up to support the charity organizations that you sponsor?

ZM. Everything we do is connected to. We do charity through work, that’s part of my whole life, it’s not something that we do on a specific time. We don’t have specific project for them, we just do it in our everyday life.

 We focus on children because I think they are the future of our planet. The world will be a better place than it is today because of them.  All our responsibility today is to help the children, give them the tools, ideas and concepts to make the world a better place. We concentrate on children because they are the solution.

Ziggy Marley playing at Bluesfest
For more information visit www.bluesfest.com.au

Ziggy Marley Sideshows
Sunday 8 April – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Monday 9 April – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

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