On the Spot – The Eye of the Storm Sydney Premiere


The Sydney Premiere of THE EYE OF THE STORM was held last night July 27th at Dendy Opera Quays.

Acclaimed director Fred Schepisi and talented actor Geoffrey Rush hosted the event alongside some local celebrities such as entertainer Andrew O’Keefe (Deal or No Deal), John Gaden, Gillian Armstrong and some of the producers of the film. The premiere was a fundraiser for the Foundation of the State Library of New South Wales, hosted by Chairman Rob Thomas.

‘On the Spot’ with Geoffrey Rush

We had the chance to interview Geoffrey Rush before the screening and we asked about his character Basil Hunter in the film and how complicated was to work in a film based on a best-selling book:

Basil is a strong character, it was great to play it, he looks confident and at the same time he suffers for his mother. The good thing, of course, was that we had a bible as a reference every time, which is the book.

Also Fred is such a great director to work with, and the cast of the film was great…I really enjoyed this role“. Mr. Rush said.

After some drinks and canapés the guests were invited to the screening which had an introduction speech from the director Fred Schepisi and one of his producers. The movie was a great Australian made film, with stunning performances of Charlotte Rampling, Judy Davis and of course Geoffrey Rush. The audience enjoyed every single moment.

Here enjoy some postcards of the night:

THE EYE OF THE STORM will be in cinemas nationally on September 15, 2011.

See trailer at:

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  1. Jade W

    Good to see there are some websites taking care about Australian films and the fans as well. Geoffrey Rush is a true gentlemen.

    Loving your site !


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