‘On The Spot’ – International Celebrities attend The Marquee’s Opening Night in Sydney

Last Night The Star’s new nightclub the Marquee had its grand opening night with and all-star celebrity line-up attending the event, including Paris Hilton, will.i.am, Slash, Joe Jonas, Ashlee Simpson, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Jermaine Dupri, Kellan Lutz, Abbie Cornish, Red Foo from LMFAO, Wilmer Valderrama, Minka Kelly, Mel B and Isabel Lucas just to name some.

The arrivals started around 8:45 with local celebrities walking a “purple carpet” full of media including some very annoying and pushy photographers that didn’t like their spots so they tried to jump in a very crowded area allocated for the online outlets like us, were we also had to deal with some very smart ass self-proclaimed “super star reporters” that asked “very clever” and awkward questions, making some of the celebrities around very uncomfortable leaving the carpet quickly and not stopping for anyone else (sorry but is true and we have the right to say it).

Despite what we said in the previous paragraph, the venue was perhaps one of the biggest ever held in Sydney for a nightclub opening, with the arrivals finishing close to 11 pm when Ashlee Simpson finally arrived.

Highlights of the carpet were when Wilmer Valderrama arrived with Joe Jonas, both of them extremely cool with everyone around stopping and posing for pictures with every one and even doing personal pictures for some lucky outlets.

Kellan Lutz also made his great entrance with his girlfriend, also stopping for almost everyone at the beginning and even doing a couple of autographs around for a couple of girls around the media area. Sadly, for us we could not interview him as after doing some Tv interviews he was rushed inside. However, a line of people avoided him to get in immediately, so we approached to him and asked about his next projects after Twilight and Immortals, and he happily answer to us:


“Hi guys nice to meet you…I`ve a couple of films coming soon, one is an animated project called “Guardians of Luna”, where I`m doing the voice of one of the characters and the other is a film called “Java Heat” with Mickey Rourke, plus some other things”

Obviously, one of the hottest moments of the venue was when Paris Hilton arrived with all the media going mental. Unfortunately, after that she only had time to do a couple of very quick interviews, but on her way out, she posed for a couple of pictures for us, so before she was rushed inside, we asked about the venue and being back in Sydney and she said:

“I wish I could come more often, I love this country and people is always so nice here”

A funny thing happened after Paris Hilton left the carpet, because almost the entire media also left the place and there were still tons of more guests to come, obviously we waited as we wanted to speak with Slash and the most incredible thing was, that we were the only ones around looking forward to ask him things related with his new album Apocalyptic Love something that finally happens around 10.15 pm, when the rock legend hit the purple carpet. This is what Slash quickly told us:

“The new album is coming out in May and I`m very happy with the results and being working with Miles (Kennedy) again…
… And the tour is gonna kick ass for sure…See you here in soon!”

Almost 1000 celebrities and VIP guests attended venue where DJs, Afrojack and RedFoo of LMFAO, performed live.

Here enjoy some postcards of the venue below:

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