‘On the Spot’ – Horrible Bosses Sydney premiere


The Sydney premiere of the new comedy ‘Horrible Bosses’ was held on Tuesday August 16 at Event Cinemas George Street.

Spotlight Report at the Horrible Bosses premiere in Sydney

Walking the red carpet were Hollywood stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. All of them were joined by some local celebrities like Australian actors Abbie Cornish and Harry Cook, Master Chef’s contender Kumar Periera, Footy player Jarrod Hayne and the band ‘The Patience Project’, just to name some.

Obviously a big crowd of fans and media attended the event, expecting to get close with these very especial guests, unfortunately for many of them, a weird situation for this kind of event happened, and it was regarding the set-up of the red carpet, which was really small for such a massive event, there were not many spots for media and fans, so pretty much everyone was cramped.

Around 6 pm, the 3 main stars arrived to the carpet greeting as much fans as possible, been Charlie Day and Sudeikis the ones spending more time with them, because Bateman was rushed to the media area, where he was also pushed to be quick.

We had the chance to ask Jason Bateman a couple of very quick questions there:

SR.How was the experience to work alongside with a great cast and especially closely to 2 Oscar winners such as Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx?
JB. It was really nice to have them on the movie, they really push the film to a new level, I enjoyed working with them the entire time.

SR. Can you tell us something about your new film “The Change Up” with Ryan Reynolds?
JB.I think that movie, that film will be released in few weeks here. It’s great I’m really really proud of that, is a really fun movie, where i got to play a character I’m usually reacting to.

Then we spoke with Jason Sudeikis, who was very nice and tried to spend a bit of more time with us and the media in general:

SR: After the success with feature films like ‘Hall Pass’, are you planning to move away from Saturday Night Live a little bit in order to do more films?
JS. Well, I will definitely start doing Saturday Night Live in September and I’m looking forward for it, so I’m planning to do both, so if I have to do it…I will do it.

SR. How was to work with an actor like Collin Farrell, who actually looks creepy in many of his roles and especially on the Horrible Bosses trailers. Is he really scary to work with?
JS.No, he was great…! a very sweet, funny and smart guy. Is a guy that is actually funny to look at just standing there and then just running around like crazy. I’d so much fun working with him.

Finally was the turn of Charlie Day, the coolest man of the venue, who despite the fact of being rushed avoiding many of the online media at the beginning of his set of interviews, he came back especially for us:

SR. In your career you’ve done a bit of everything: acting, writing, producing and even composing music as well…What do you enjoy the most?
CD. I Think i enjoy the acting the most, because the writing and producing are the hard part. Also with the acting is where you achieve the success the most.

SR. Do you enjoy more acting in Comedy style films like ‘Horrible Bosses’ or dramas like ‘Going the Distance’
CD. I like them both, but comedy is great to laugh while you are doing it, is like laughing at your workplace, especially when you are making a movie like this one you get a lot of funny moments, so it’s more fun happening.

After that, Bateman, Sudeikis and Day, went inside the cinema to introduce the film where they talked about how much fun they have while doing the film. Overall, was a great venue and the movie was so much fun, obviously you will be able to see the review for it soon here.

Enjoy some postcards of the venue below:

‘Horrible Bosses’ opens next August 25

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    So upset Jason Bateman did not do photos, but Charlie Day was great and funny at the carpet!


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