‘On The Spot’ – Hard Rock Cafe Sydney: Grand Opening!

On Tuesday December 6, Hard Rock Cafe Sydney rocked the entire city in one of the biggest grand opening event in the recent years.

The opening started at around 4.30 pm in Darling Harbour with fantastic FREE live gigs, transforming the whole place in a total concert venue, with live performances from Australia’s Tori Darke, Stan Walker, Screaming Bikini and Syndicate. Moreover, after their performances Mrs Darke and Stan Walker, joined their fans in a signing session area in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, making everyone jump with joy!

But that was not all. Hard Rock Cafe Sydney also invited some amazing international VIP music star guests, including Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal, a former member of Pussycat Dolls Jessica Sutta and rock drummer from Guns n’ Roses, The Cult and Velvet Revolver Matt Sorum! Along with these 3 international musicians were indeed some of the best Aussie rockers, such as Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), Doc Neeson (The Angels), Mark Gable (Choirboys), Buzz Bidstrup (Gangajang), Mark Evans (ACDC), Les Gock (Hush), Dario Bortolin (Jimmy Barnes) and some members of The Vines.

With all these massive names, it was not a surprise to see a big crowd of people outside Hard Rock Cafe, enjoying the free outdoor concert as much as possible with a main highlight event to officially open the restaurant… As around 7pm, some of the VIP stars, including Angry AndersonMatt Sorum! and DJ Lethal joined Hamish Dodds, President and CEO of Hard Rock International to take part in a VIP guitar smash! A funny moment was when Matt Sorum was asked about his trip to Down Under and he laughed, saying: ‘I almost didn`t make it cos I lost my passport’ and when he was asked in regards to a Gunners reunion, he replied with a big smile: ‘Ask that question to Slash’

After the VIP guitar smash, Matt Sorum stayed next to the stage for about 20 minutes, happily taking photos and signing autographs (with guitar pieces included) with all the fans whilst watching the performance of the Screaming Bikini, a band he enjoys a lot, as he personally told us during an interview.

Around 7.30 all the guests were able to walk the rock carpet to enter the venue and start the VIP party which offered some of the most amazing beverages/cocktails in the unique Hard Rock Cafe style, like ‘Bahama Mama’, ‘Lady Rock’ and ‘Chamborita’. Add to that the Café’s trademark food such as Mexican tacos and nachos, mini burgers, spring rolls and more!

While the party was warming up, DJ Lethal came downstairs and jumped onto the stage to perform some songs at the FREE outside venue for his fans, including Limp Bizkit Tracks like ‘My Generation’.

But, a VIP party at Hard Rock Cafe would not be complete without some live music to keep everyone rocking…and Hard Rock did not disappoint as Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) opened the concert inside with her new song from her solo album, getting some fantastic feedback from everyone. Plus, before and after her performance, she walked around the venue happily posing for photos and chatting with everyone.

After Jessica`s performance and in order to keep everyone on their toes a bit, the organizers invited everyone to the balcony to see some amazing fireworks in Darling Harbour.

Just few minutes after the end of the fireworks, one of the hottest moments of the night arrived as Matt Sorum hit the stage with an all-star super band of members from Syndicate, The Angels and Choirboys. Sorum surprised everyone by playing a couple of Led Zeppeling songs such as ‘Rock and Roll’ and made the house come down after playing the first few notes of Guns n’ roses epic song ‘You Could be mine’, finishing his spectacular part with ‘Paradise City’.

At that point of the night, everyone was pretty much in Rock Heaven (definitely including us!)…However, that was not the last rock act, because later on, the stage came back to life, with Rose Tattoo`s Angry Anderson and former ACDC Bass player Mark Evans performing some epic fair dinkum Australian rock, pumping up a great energy onto everyone…An iconic moment would be when the band started playing ACDC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ with Evans on the Bass and Anderson in vocals…pretty much a once in a lifetime gig experience.

Nobody wanted to leave the venue at all as the drinks, the food, the energy and the rocking music kept on coming but the final act of the night was ready to kick off and it was pure Aussie Rock too with the charismatic frontman from The Angels, Doc Neeson rocking the stage alongside the same band who played for Anderson, including Mark Evans on bass.

Neeson, did what he does best, with a potent voice and a unique personality which had the crowd singing the entire time and even inviting some lucky fans on stage to join the band, giving them the maracas and tambourines to play with.

After the marvelous live performances, the party continued onto approximately 2am and all the guests was given a beautiful goodies bag as a souvenir for being a part of The Hard Rock Cafe Sydney Opening Night…and one thing is for sure…HARD ROCK CAFE SYDNEY REALLY HONOURS ITS OWN NAME…SO THANK YOU FOR HOLDING ONE OF THE BEST EVENTS EVER IN ONE OF THE BEST VENUES IN THIS CITY! ROCK ON!

Here enjoy some great postcards of the venue below!

For more information about Hard Rock Cafe, visit the official Hard Rock Cafe website here

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