Music From The Motion Picture ‘Titanic’ Aniversary Edition – Album Review

Once upon a time there was a movie that outgrossed them all at the box office…and until a little film called Avatar came along, Titanic remained the queen of the screens.

James Horner is somewhat a composers’ composer in the field of film scoring – having received 10 Oscar nominations and scored music for such fimls as Braveheart, Aliens, Avatar and Enemy At The Gates to name a few. It is perhaps Braveheart that Horner used as a basis to build on the two characters in the film, Jack and Titanic herself, who both have Irish backgrounds, with the use of Celtic instrumentation.

The track titles are simplistic in nature but that is their role to simply be references to their point in the film and allow the music to tell the full narrative. The soundtrack is written with three distinct styles showcased throughout the tracks – sweeping, warm lush orchestral pieces, the Celtic influenced material and lastly synth and sampler pieces all interwoven by a composer that knows the nuances and subtleties of each style.

The recurring theme is undoubtly the basis for the soundtracks leading track, sung by Celine Dion which became biggest commercial radio track for the same year of the films release.  The re-released soundtrack comes with 2 CDs, the second disc titled Gentlemen, It Has Been a Privilege Playing with You Tonight contains a serious of arrangments by I Salonisti that were scattered through the film that were popular at the time of the Titanic.

With the film being released in 3D it will undoubtly bring new fans as well as those who saw the original.

1. Never an Absolution
2. Distant Memories
3. Southampton
4. Rose
5. Leaving Port
6. “Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch”
7. “Hard to Starboard”
8. Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
9. The Sinking
10. Death of Titanic
11. A Promise Kept
12. A Life So Changed
13. An Ocean of Memories
14. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
15. Hymn to the Sea

I Salonisti:
Gentlemen, It Has Been a Privilege Playing with You Tonight
1. Valse Septembre
2. Marguerite Waltz
3. Wedding Dance
4. Poet and Peasant
5. Blue Danube
6. Song Without Words
7. Estudiantina
8. Vision of Salome
9. Titsy Bitsy Girl
10. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
11. Sphinx
12. Barcarole
13. Orpheus
14. Song of Autumn
15. Nearer My God to Thee

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