Fans Stories On The Spot: “Teenage Dreams with Katy Perry in Sydney”

We are happy to inaugurate a new section in our site called ‘Fans Stories On The Spot’, where our beloved spotlight fans can email us and share their stories with the world about celebrity encounters or cool fan experiences, and what better way to open this section than with the story of twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca Best, who were lucky enough to meet one of their idols Katy Perry at the Australian premiere of her film Katy Perry: Part of me 3D last June 30, 2012 in Sydney. Check their beautiful story below:

Rebecca and Rachel waiting for Katy Perry at The Pink carpet in Sydney, Australia

After counting down the days, day after day, the day we were waiting for finally arrived and it was time for Katy Perry’s Part of Me Sydney Premiere! So we got our posters, CDs and tickets ready. I arrived at around 9 expecting to be one of the first ones there but there were already about 20 other Katy Cats there with the first person there, arriving as early as 6 am! The day started off really slowly with nothing really happening besides watching them set up the PINK carpet. They had set up karaoke for the fans and even white trees decorated in fairy floss. At four the media including channel V, MTV and Spotlight Report started arriving. Now I knew she was close. It was a great atmosphere as they blasted some of Katy Perry’s great hits including Hot N’ Cold and Last Friday Night with over 500 fans singing along. Katy Perry was expected to arrive at 6 pm, of course she was fashionably late. From the moment she stepped out of her car I knew it was all about her fans, she spent a significant amount of time chatting to fans and posing for photos, even at the cost of skipping some media outlets.

Rachel and one of her idols Katy Perry

She finally came over to where we were standing and on my poster there was a photo of myself, my twin and Katy Perry herself, back in 2009 at the Channel 7 studios. The first thing she said to us was “Nice to see you again”. That’s when it felt so real she asked us our names and how to spell it. She took the time to personalise our old photos with her, which was amazing considering the chaos that was around her. I also had both “Teenage Dreams” and “One of the Boys” albums with me but didn’t want to bother her and ask her to sign it but she saw it in my sister’s hand and grabbed it off her and signed it! We then got our pictures and she posed twice for me! She then asked my sister and I if we would like tickets to watch the film. At that stage I was shaking and lost for words. Katy Perry just asked us to join her at the premiere! I politely declined saying “No thanks, of course we already have some”. I then giggled a little after realizing what I just said! We then walked the pink carpet and entered the cinema and to our surprise there was a goodie bag on everyone’s chair that had red heart-shaped 3D glasses, Katy Perry’s new single Wide Awake and Katy Perry’s false lashes.

We waited patiently for her to arrive inside the cinema to introduce the film with some of her video clips being played on the big screen. She came into the cinema welcomed by a loud cheer from all the fans. She was kind enough to stop for some lucky fans inside before walking to the front. One fan even gave her tim-tams to which she reacted that it was like in the film, Mean Girls, when the girl tries to sabotage her and make her fat. She then asked fans to ask her anything. One fan asked her what she was going to do for her male fan base as she has made false lashes for her female fans to which she replied she is not quite sure but she would be interested in possibly making a fashion line. Another fan asked what was her favourite line was from the Australian TV show Summer Heights High she then said “Puck you miss” which had the entire cinema in hysterics. The final question was from a young fan dressed in a blue wig who asked Katy who her heroes were? I must admit I did tear up when she said her FANS. She then left the cinema again stopping for a number of fans. After such a long day it was finally time to watch the movie! Which was FANTASTIC!

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