Exclusive! – ‘Angel Arias’ Q&A with Marianne de Pierres and Yunyu

We had the honor of talk with our very good friend and award winner Australian writer Marianne de Pierres, regarding her new novel ‘Angel Arias’, the second volume of her ‘The Night Creatures’ trilogy. But that was not all, because we also we were lucky enough to interview with the acclaimed Australian singer Yunyu, who has been collaborating with Marianne, doing the soundtrack for the book.

This special collaboration between Yunyu and Marianne de Pierres for ‘The Night Creatures‘ trilogy has produced a second unique reading/listening experience.

Enjoy the interview below:

SR: First of all thanks to you both for this chance, we are really happy to see ‘Angel Arias’ released and to find out about this great contribution between you both, a really nice and fresh idea. Congrats J

Questions for Marianne de Pierres

1) How long did ‘Angel Arias’ take you to write?
Actually, I wrote Angel Arias quite quickly – 4 months – but with the editing process it came to about six months in total. Second and third books in a series are often quicker to write as you already have a clear view of the world, the characters and where you are heading. Sometimes your best work comes when you write quickly.

2) What was the most complicated thing while writing the book?
Not getting lazy with prose. When you’ve been writing for a few years you need to be conscious of continuing to push yourself to produce something better than the last time. When you’re tired and under pressure, it can be tempting to take the easy prose options. I fight that all the way! I take pride in using clear but evocative language in my stories.

3) How did you come up with the idea of ‘Ixion’?
It was a collision of ideas; my interest in nocturnal lifestyles and the concept of sleep – what happens to our bodies if we don’t get it? Also, having lived on an island I know what a perfect backdrop they are for brewing odd and dangerous circumstances.

4) Which ones are the main differences between ‘Angel Arias’ and Burn Bright?
Burn Bright is a dark, mysterious, bewildering and exciting assault on the senses. Angel Arias is a bleak, heart-stopping race against time. They take place in different places and the environment dictates the kind of book they are.

5) Any updated or spoiler for the upcoming end of the trilogy ‘Blaze Dark’?
Not really anything I can give away J. It’s still a working title, so it may end up being called something else. And I can guarantee a fierce battle scene. Naif, the main character, faces hard choices. And so do some of her friends.

6) In a previous interview, we asked something similar, but after seen the book covers and the clips for the books, we cannot avoid thinking in a film adaptation. If you have to pick up one of the ‘Night Creatures trilogy’ books to be adapted to a feature film, which one would you pick up and why?
They are really one large continuous story, so I would make all three into movies!!!  I have had some movie interest already but you learn not to hold your breath about those things.

7) When did you meet Yunyu and how long have you been working with together?
I think around four or five years ago. We met at Supanova, introduced by a mutual friend, film producer Matt Carter. He had produced Yunyu’s film clip for Lenore’s song (which I adore!). I fell in love with Yunyu’s perspective on life.

8) Who had the idea of having video clips and trailers for your books (we love it!)?
Not sure, but the ideas have been around for years. I had my first book trailer made by Joffre Street Productions back in 2007 (for Dark Space). They’ve only become more popular as the cost of making them has come down. As often happens, the technology drives the direction of the creativity. I’ve been lucky to have three different book trailers made for my books. I think they are a wonderful taster for a book or series.

9) Feel free to use this space invite your fans and general public to read the book
The Night Creatures trilogy is an intense young adult story written on a gothic, anarchistic backdrop. It’s themes of repression and personal freedom shimmer just beneath its glitter and black lace surface.

Read about the series at www.burnbright.com.au

Questions for Yunyu

1)  How would you describe your music style?
I’m a storyteller who happens to sing. That probably about sums it up as I tend to write songs in genres that suit the situation/ character that I’m writing about.

2) What musicians are your inspiration and why?
I listen to everything.  By that I mean everything from PJ Harvey to Shoshana Damari. So it’s hard to narrow down specific musical inspiration for my pieces. I’m guessing that the reason for this is that I have an intense fear of having one of my musical pieces sound like another, so I keep traversing the musical territory on my search for musical inspiration, bit like locusts, but less bitey. :D

3) What has been the best part of working with Marianne?
I get to read her wonderful work before anyone else … amongst other things. Marianne is also pretty awesome to work with as I was given quite a free rein on her work.

4) How did you work your songs in order to make a soundtrack for a book? (We imagine the process is a bit different from a movie soundtrack)
I guess the process is quite different from a movie soundtrack. With movies you have the moving pictures in front of you, and then you score it. This is a whole heap different to reading stuff, imagining the pictures in your head and then writing to it.  Both present very different challenges for the songwriting brain. In the case of a book soundtrack, specifically, I found myself imagining what the characters would have had to go through and then writing about their inner universe that way.

5) How did you come up with the concept for the Angel Arias’ theme? How long did it take you to write?
This was pure serendipity. I was just writing Bluebeard as part of my upcoming album when Marianne sounded me up about a second song for her Night Creatures Trilogy. Having read the book I felt that Bluebeard was born for Angel Arias and so sent it to Marianne who really loves it, so here we all are. What are the odds? Don’t we all love the happy happenstances when our muses come to feed in the same creative swamps?

6) What is next for Yunyu?
I release my new album in the beginning of the year 2012. The singles come released in episodes of awesomeness. In the case of my own film clip for Bluebeard, it goes up early 2012 sometime April.  But if you sign on to the mailing list now –  yunyu.com.au you get to keep up with the updates and be the first to get a free MP3 if you’re quick .

7) Feel free to use this space to invite people to check your fantastic work.
You can check out my work on

In addition, Marianne de Pierres will be in Supanova Brisbane, next November 4,5 and 6…don`t miss the chance to meet her there and get your books signed by her.

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