Penny Skateboards offers a variety of fun and vibrant colours on new collection!

Let go, live the moment, and have fun with Penny Skateboards! Available in countless colours, your fun starts on a Penny!

Leading plastic skateboard brand Penny Skateboards delivers a whole new skating experience to anyone wholoves a bright board with a big personality. There’s nothing better than cruising around with your mates on a Penny, which are designed and built to look on-trend and eye-catching. Penny Skateboards are the epitome of urban adventure, and with no rules or expectations, you can let go, live in the moment and have fun.

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Penny Skateboards founder Ben Mackay has loved plastic skateboards since he was five years old, and has since perfected the boards you can find today in the Penny Skateboards range. Available in both 22” and 27”, Penny Skateboards bring vibrant colours and a relaxed vibe into the lives of kids and young adults alike. The lightweight and manoeuvrable 22” is small and easy to carry around, and nimble enough to take tight corners and chuck in your backpack, while the larger 27” provides a more stable base, and helps with balance for learners or those who want to start practicing tricks.

What’s more, Penny’s unique plastic formula is what gives the board such a fluid, natural and organic flex. This flex helps improve carving and flow, while maintaining incredibly high strength. The combination of flexibility and strength is what sets it apart from the rest, guaranteeing the best ride out there!

Classic Collection

The original Penny Skateboards belong to the Classic Collection, which embodies what Penny is all about – freedom and fun. The Classics combine technical prowess, quality materials and striking shades, resulting in a stylish yet simple board that goes wherever you go. The Classic Collection skateboards are available in a range of bright colours, including Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow and Blue. The Classic Collection also includes unique boards such as the Glow board, which glows in the dark and lights up the ground beneath you, and the Rastaboard, which appeals to all the free spirits and relaxed chillers among us. RRP starts at AU$129.99.

Pastel Collection

Penny Skateboards (3)Embellished with gold dipped bolts and nuts that complement the soft pastel hues, the Pastel Collection is a toned down, trend-savvy versions of the Penny Skateboard Classic Collection that we know and love. Available in Pastel Mint, Pastel Peach, Pastel Lemon and Pastel Lilac, the Premium Classics Pastel Collection is your stylish entrance into the world of Penny Skateboards. RRP starts at AU$139.99.

3D Customiser

A world first for both the skate industry and the iOS8 platform, the revolutionary Penny 3D Customiser gives consumers the opportunity to create their very own Penny design, and even skate it online using the only skateboard customiser in true 3D. To check out the Penny 3D Customiser head to

Penny Skateboards unite people without boundaries and expectations by creating a real sense of belonging where it may not otherwise be found. Your journey starts on a Penny. For RRP and stockist information, please visit or your local skate or surf shop.

Fresh Prints:

Penny Skateboards is excited to introduce the newest kid on the block: the Fresh Prints collection. Known for playful vibrant colours and a carefree sense of fun, Penny Skateboards’ newest collection invoke 90’s nostalgia through bold new designs, creating statement boards that sport some serious personality. Riding the latest fashion and design trends, Penny’s latest collection is an effortlessly cool merger between product development, bold colours and fun geometric patterns.

Painted Fades:

The 2015 Painted Fades Collection (pictured above), introduces new energetic colours combinations, angled fade and a secret, hidden colour deck. Designed and manufactured to handle the wildest of rides, Painted Fades will wear uniquely to the riders style revealing a complimenting deck colour underneath. Hit the streets and make your mark – no two boards will ever be the same.

Join the fun and get involved in the Penny Skateboards community by visiting their instagram and twitter pages!

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