We were lucky enough to see ‘Your Lie in April’ on DVD as part of Madman‘s July anime releases.

your-lie-in-april-review2The 11-episode series tells the story of a talented pianist named Kousei, who suddenly stops playing after her mother’s death.

One day he meets the beautiful Kaori, who is being set up with his best friend on a date. He feels attracted straight away by her free spirit and devotion to music (she is an extraordinary violinist).

Kaori, who knows the story of Kousei, the famous kid metronome, will do everything in her power to help him reconnect with his piano and asks him to accompany her in an important competition. Now Kousei must fight his demons in order to play again and not disappoint Kaori.

‘Your Lie in April’ is a drama with some elements of comedy. What seems to be another school-slice of life anime ends up broadening in its scope to involve tales of child abuse, depression, anxiety, illness and the challenging world of music competitions. The characters are endearing and honest; however, the repetitive exaggeration of Kousei’s trauma make him hard to bear at times.

your-lie-in-april-review1The anime features beautiful pastel colours; and, during the opening and closing songs, there are more manga-like illustrations. The content of the series is vivid and intense, especially during the music performances. The score is beautiful and perfectly complements the story; and it could even be said that the score is what gives the series its lovely cohesion.

If music is your passion, this might be what you are looking for.

The DVD extras includes: Episode 1 commentary, textless opening and ending songs.

Madman brings ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 1 to Australia. Get your copy here.

Season 2 is coming soon, and is set for release in August. Pre-order here.

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