Thanks to our friends at Madman we had the chance to see Ultimate Otaku Teacher on DVD.

An anime-obsessed YD sufferer (a syndrome that makes him behave impulsively) is forced by his little sister Suzune to leave his room and popular anime blog behind to get a job, something he refuses. She manages to get her big brother a job as a physics teacher, since he was something of a prodigy while he was in school.

Junichiro tries his best to avoid his new job, especially after seen his blog falling on the anime rankings. However, as he sees the struggles of his students, including an aspiring seiju (voice actress) and an Akihabara maid, he decides to get involved, by helping everyone using his Otaku knowledge.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher’ is a slice-of-life comedy in the lines of GTO (Great Teacher Onisuka) but, sadly, not quite as amusing. Every episode follows the same structure; a student has a problem that Junichiro solves with his unconventional Otaku methods.

Sadly, the formulaic plots ruin what could’ve be a very good comedy, with the first 7 episodes delivering some good laughs and wicked situations, including a soccer game between the school’s bully and Junichiro. However, the series quickly falls into a hole when every episode becomes an MMORPG online game in which Junichiro tries to help Kotarou, a shy student who dresses and acts like a girl to come out. This moves all the school life action to a virtual world with boring battles and forced plot twists. These episodes drag the whole series down to average.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.

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