Thanks to Madman, we got to see Sentai Filmworks’ “Triage X” on DVD.

When the law fails to be upheld, it’s up to an elite tactical strike group of assassins known as “The Black Label” to take down the evil walking the streets.

Triangle X is a fun, fast-paced series that relies on the diversity of the Black Label team that includes a killer nurse, a swordswoman, a cute idol who loves explosives and a couple of bad-ass high schoolers.

Sensuality and ecci are highlights as they don’t feel as forced as in other animations and actually serve a purpose. Moreover, the character designs and animation are dynamic, action-packed and colorful, making Triangle X a decent package.

Overall, Triangle X might not win any awards for originality, but manages to entertain and keep viewers stick to their screens for hours.

The DVD release by Madman, also contains voice actor interviews, promos and an OVA.

Triangle X is now available in Australia. Get your copy here.

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