Thanks to Madman we had a chance to see ‘Shonen Maid’ (Shōnen Meido) on DVD.

After the sudden loss of his mother, Chihiro, a fourth grader elementary student, finds himself alone in the world. To his surprise Madoka, an eccentric millionaire and his lost uncle decide to take him in.

Chihiro accepts the offer and moves into Madoka’s mansion but freaks out when he discovers the place is an unholy mess. Chihiro, a clean freak, can’t stand it so he trades his accommodation for a maid job as his mother taught him that people must work to eat and he doesn’t want to be a nuisance.

‘Shonen Maid’ is a bittersweet slice of life anime with great comedic moments. Chihiro who is very mature for his age, deals really well with the loss of his mother and his new domestic arrangements. Most of the series centers around the comedy around the immature Madoka and the stubborn nagging Chihiro.

The series has many good secondary characters that are introduced early on, some of them are stereotypical but they complement the main couple pretty well.

The great thing about this anime – apart from the comedy – is the character development. Chihiro gets to know a new member in the family, learns about his mother’s past and the relationship between him and Madoka grows stronger day by day.

The animation, character design and music is not exceptional but the bright colours and music clips makes them more interesting.

Overall ‘Shonen Maid’ is heartwarming series, full of good fun that is worth a watch.

Madman bringShonen Maid’ on DVD. The extras include: textless opening and ending songs. Get your copy here.

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