Thanks to Madman we got the chance to see the school comedy ‘Shomin Sample’ (Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni) on DVD.

One day, average student Kimito Kagurazaka is abducted from his school by a group of greasy muscled men and forced to recruit at the elite Seikain Girls’ School, a school for modern aristocrats.

Kimito will be the reference source for the school’s study of commoner life, a study introduced to high society girls who don’t have a clue about the outside world. Since the school is a kept a secret, Kimito swears to stay saying that he only has eyes for ‘muscles’ to keep his manhood in place.

What starts as a hilarious and original comedy rapidly turns into a classic harem anime. The harem involves the ‘Commoner Club’ members, the extroverted outsider Aika, model student Reiko, the small genius Hakua and samurai sword-bearer Karen, all of whom try to get the attention of good boy Kimito.

Since he is the only boy around and with a vast knowledge of common culture, Kimito becomes an overnight sensation at the school.

This short series is good fun and pleasant to watch if you can cope with the quirky characters. Most of them are funny and enjoyable in their own special way, but it could be hard to endure if they’re taken too seriously. Sometimes they appear to be the dumbest girls on Earth. The girls usually will get excited about almost everything like smartphones, fast food, videogames and manga in a ways that’s quite annoying.

The art is simple but very appealing with expressive faces and very cute characters. Also, there is fan-service present most of the times but is not over the top.

Madman brings ‘Shomin Sample’ to Australia. The DVD specials include: textless opening and two closing songs. Get your copy here.

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