Thanks to our friends at Madman we got the chance to see ‘Seiyu’s Life!’ on DVD.

As the title indicates ‘Seiyu’s Life!’ is a light slice-of-life comedy based on the whereabouts of three young voice actresses and their struggle to succeed in the industry.

Futaba, our main girl, is a nervous amateur actress who balances her dream of becoming a lifelong Seiyu and her part-time job at Lawson’s Convenient Store.

After meeting fellow amateur voice actress Ichigo, who proclaims herself as the princess of Planet Strawberry, and the young but experienced seiyu, high school student Rin, in a few auditions the trio rapidly become friends.

As they become more experienced in the different jobs they are performing, they are offered their own online radio show. Then due to their sudden mild success, the producer proposes they form a “unit” (band) named ‘Earphones’. This new challenge will see them fight to become ‘idols’ releasing a few singles and performing their first big concert.

‘Seiyu’s life’ follows the likes of ‘Shirobako’ (see review here) as it is also an inside-the-industry-anime. The voice acting job is shown with a diverse range of different roles, like a part in a recurrent series, a character in an anime, movie dubs, audiobooks, commercials, documentaries etc.

It is really fun to see the girls doing auditions and acting in front of a bunch of known seiyus, who usually play themselves giving advice to Futaba. In the cameos we can see: Masako Kusawa (Goku from Dragon Ball series), Noriko Hidaka (Akane from Ranma 1/2 and Kikyo from Inu-Yasha) and Hiroshi Kamiya (Yato from Noragami and Orihara from Durarara!!) among others.

Overall Seiyu’s Life is very informative and interesting to watch with good art and some catchy songs. The series is highly relatable as we all have doubts in our career moves and ups and downs in our lives.

Madman brings Seiyu’s life to DVD, get your copy here.

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