Thanks to Madman, we got to see the “Sentaistic” anime series Samurai Flamenco on DVD.

Young male model Masayoshi Hazama has always dreamt of becoming a super-hero to fight against crime like his heroes from TV, such as “The Red Axe”. Motivated by the stories from his grandfather about a hero named Samurai Flamenco, Hazama decides to suit-up and hit the streets to stop minor crimes like littering, smoking and noise. Unfortunately, he just can’t get his message across. Nobody takes him seriously; they just see him as a crazy cosplayer.

This all changes when Hazama becomes friends with a police officer Hidenori Goto and his adventures are filmed and put online, making him an internet hit. He also starts getting proper training from the Red Axe himself. To make things more interesting, “Flamenco” teams up with another wanna be super-hero – a cute, but sadistic pop idol.

What the heroes don’t expect is the rise of super-villains and the arrival of alien threats that will force them all to form a ranger force with ultimate technology at their disposal.

Samurai Flamenco is a fun and really interesting premise, with good comedy bits balanced with a quite serious fast-paced story. Characters feel real and their struggles relatable. However, the series takes a major twist when super-villains show up with advanced alien gadgets and people start dying. This pushes the main character to his limits, suddenly making him stronger. This is rather confusing as it feels as if Hazama is dreaming, given it all happens in less than two episodes.

What’s more, when you expect this all to end with Hazama waking up, and going back to his daily life as a B-list hero, the series has another huge twist. Hazama is tasked to become “The Red Ranger” of the Flamenco Force. Yes, like Power Rangers, giant robots included, making the series a full super-Sentai extravaganza.

Despite the 180 degree turn the series makes, fans of kaiju and sentai will be fascinated and will easily enjoy the entire series, as it includes every cliché from both genres: 5 Rangers, Sidekicks, mechas, silly bad guys, poorly designed bad guys, drama and much more!

Samurai Flamenco is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.

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