Thanks to our friends at Madman we were able to continue our mission watching the iconic ’90s anime ‘Sailor Moon’. This time we binged on ‘Sailor Moon S’ (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sūpā) Part 2 (Episodes 109-127).

This second season of ‘Sailor Moon S’ is packed with action as Hotaru becomes the dark messiah and later on wakes up as Sailor Saturn, the sailor of destruction.

Hotaru’s awakening will increase the distance between the outer scouts (Neptune, Saturn, Pluto) and our scouts, who don’t see Hotaru as a threat.

Sailor Moon gets a power up after the Holly grail materialises from Haruka and Michiru’s pure hearts and the help of Sailor Pluto, however this new weapon is not enough to defend the Earth and new measures have to be taken.

This season is also packed with hilarious exchanges between the scouts, Usagi, Chibi-usa and the witches 5 who work for Dr Tomoe.

It’s one of our favourite seasons as it manages to keep you engaged with its silly comedy and ties the knot with great plot twists, dramatic moments and action sequences.

Madman brings ‘Sailor Moon S – Season 3 Part 2’ on DVD to Australia. The extras include textless opening and ending songs.

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