Thanks to Madman we continue our quest watching ‘Sailor Moon S’ (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sūpā), the third season of Naoko Takeushi’s all-time classic ‘Sailor Moon‘. This time we watched the first part (episodes 90-108) released on DVD.

The series starts with Rei’s premonition of the horrific deaths of her fellow scouts. Meanwhile, a new foe attacks the city targeting people’s pure heart crystals.

During this season we meet the mysterious Sailor Neptune (Michiro) and Sailor Uranus (Haruka) who came to Earth seeking the talismans hidden in the pure heart crystals. Also, Chibi-Usa returns to the series to train as Sailor Chibi-moon.

‘Sailor Moon S’ is broadly considered by its fandom to be the best season of the entire series and we couldn’t agree more. Despite the repetitive daily monster formula, the first part of the series focuses entirely on comedy with endless gags from our friends. Every bit of these episodes is beyond hilarious with lots of super-deformed action. Also, in this season Sailor Moon discovers a new power, the most flamboyant of all: the ‘Moon Spiral Heart Attack’.

‘Sailor Moon S’ made another bold move back in the ’90s by suggesting a lesbian relationship between Haruka and Michiru (which was quite scandalous at that time). The hints of romance can be more easily appreciated while watching the anime in its original language.

Madman brings ‘‘Sailor Moon S’ – Part 1 on DVD to Australia. The extras include Textless opening and ending songs.

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