Thanks to Madman we had the opportunity to watch the anime hit One Punch Man on Blu-Ray.

When the most dangerous monsters attempt to end mankind, it’s up to the mighty hero Saitama to stop them all. The problem is that he is only a superhero for fun, and he gets really bored fighting crime as after some very special training he becomes so powerful that is able to end every fight with just one single punch.

Despite being the world’s mightiest hero, Saitama struggles to keep a regular life as he needs to get discounted food and repair his apartment constantly as every day he is under attack.

Things gets more interesting when an android joins him as his apprentice in order to unveil a major evil plot that could end the world.

One Punch Man is perhaps one of the most entertaining series in recent years as it takes elements and makes fun of hits like Dragon Ball Z and the superhero genre in general.

Most of the villains are hilarious and silly, with the most ridiculous names and powers. Same goes for the star of the show whose hilarious poker face while being challenged is a new instant classic.

The animation is superb, and the character design is extremely detailed while the action and comedy gets better and better every episode.

Overall, One Punch Man is an instant classic, and despite its silliness and repetitive plot delivers hours of anime greatness. Moreover, The Blu-Ray release includes 6 Ovas and some cool interviews with the cast and crew behind this anime hit.

One Punch Man is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.

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