Thanks to Madman we got to watch Morio Asaka‘s My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari) on DVD.

Based on Kazune Kawahara‘s manga, this light romantic comedy series follows Takeo Gauda, a tall, hulking student with a big heart, who is an ace at athletics but unlucky with girls, with most of them falling for his best friend Suna.

Takeo’s life changes for good when he rescues a cute student named Yamato from a molester on the train. Eventually, and after a series of awkward situations Yamato declares her love for Takeo, who was convinced she was into Suna, like everyone else.

As an inexperienced couple, both of them face hilarious and embarrassing situations involving daydreaming, holidays and helping their friends to find love as well.

My Love Story!! is simple, hilarious and extremely addictive, with the romantic scenes mixed with funny bits and a group of very distinctive and likeable characters that viewers will fall in love with.

Takeo is the heart of the series, an untraditional leading character, reminiscent of Slam Dunk’s Akagi. The animation (especially the super-deform sequences) is superb.

Overall? An anime triumph. It’s a series that could have been cheesy and repetitive, but fortunately and thanks to its clever simple plot and loveable characters, but ends up as one of the best of the light romantic comedy genre.

My Love Story!! is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.

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