Thanks to Madman we saw Arms Corporation ‘Isuca – Complete series’ on DVD.

Shinichiro Asano is an average high-school student whose life suddenly changes when he releases a monster from a tree. Luckily he is saved by the beautiful, but not very well-mannered, Sakuya Shimazu, who attends the same school.

Sakuya is the head of the Shimazu family, and it is her duty is to exorcise spectres with spirit archery. Since she lives on her own, Asano is hired to be his housekeeper; so, Asano, who struggles with money, moves in with her and without knowing it, he becomes involved in her quest.

In a few episodes Asano discovers his hidden powers and acts as a battery to recharge Sakuya’s powers through a kiss, attracting new characters to the scene. Therefore, the series becomes a classic supernatural harem anime.

The short series has a good premise but the excess of ecchi in the first few episodes ruins what could’ve been a fun anime. The extreme fanservice goes from an spectre attacking our main girl with lightning strikes that for some reason ‘punish her’ massaging her lady parts. Moreover, in every battle the first things to go are of course the girls’ clothes. The amount of ecchi, however, decreases throughout the course of the eleven episodes and more importance is eventually placed on the actual storyline.

Another let down is that the main characters are not memorable, or even enjoyable. Asano lacks personality and is treated badly by the tsundere character, Sakuya, who is just plain rude at all times, making hard to feel any empathy for any of them. 

The artwork in ‘Isuca’ is very simple, though the fight sequences and quality of the animation are great as we could expect from Arms Corporation (Elfen Lied).

All in all, ‘Isuca’ promises greatness but ends up disappointing. 

If you don’t mind watching an anime with above-average fanservice in the first episodes then you might enjoy the family rivalry and find the monster battles quite amusing.

Madman brings ‘Isuca’ to Australia. The DVD extras include: textless opening and ending songs plus a few anime trailers.

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