Thanks to Madman we watched Grimoire of Zero on Blu-Ray.

Set in a world where witches and sorcery are real, the story follows a half-man/half-beast mercenary who dreams of someday becoming fully human, something that could happen after he meets young witch Zero who promises him a solution if he escorts her across the land in order to find a lost book that if in the wrong hands could unleash havoc.

Grimoire of Zero is an enjoyable ride, full of great moments that include magic, sword fights and light comedy. The characters are truly likeable and the colourful animation takes the series to the next level.

Despite being a fantasy tale, the series never gets too complicated, neither does it introduce a bunch of unnecessary characters, so you can just sit back and enjoy, especially if youre a fan of RPG games and series like Slayers.

Overall, a solid, fun and highly addictive series that opens the door for more adventures. Bring on season 2!

Grimoire of Zero is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.