Based on Minato Soft’s visual novel of the same name, ‘Girls Beyond the Wasteland’ is a dime-a-dozen series that’s very similar to ‘Saekano’ (see review here) where a group of high school students get together to create a bishojo videogame.

The story starts when the uptight Sayuki recruits Buntarou to write the script for the game. He doesn’t have much writing experience but seems to get along with people, so Sayuki ask him to recruit a team.

With no plan in mind his best friend, the actress Yuuka, who is clearly in love with him, joins the club to help them with the voice acting. His other lifetime friend Atomu, begs to join and gets the producer role.

As the series goes on, the shy Uguisu is pursued to join them as her artwork reflects exactly what they have in mind for the game. Lastly, the rebellious coding expert Teruha joins the club to add all the pieces together.

During the course of the series the controlling Sayuki pushes everyone to the limit to create a short but popular bishojo game that can be easy to sell following some ulterior motives.

Deadlines, hard work, betrayal and friendship are the main themes of this anime. Sometimes the harem structure takes over but is quickly killed off with a different subplot.

‘Girls Beyond the Wasteland’ story is not the most original but it’s easy to follow and a bit addictive. The characters are enjoyable and they bring some feel good moments, comedy and bits of drama, as they explore how will be the life after school, in the wasteland of life.

‘Girls Beyond the Wasteland’ is now available from Madman. Get your copy here

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