Madman released the second part of the amazing animated series Garo The Animation on DVD, and we had the chance to watch it before its Australian release. Here you can check the first part review.

garo-highlight1-500x281The second part of the series (Episodes 13-25) follows on from the mind-blowing events of the first part in which Leon lost his power, while prince Alfonso became the hero his kingdom needed by fighting against the horrors.

Leon is rescued by farmers after trying to end his life and soon embarks on a journey of self-discovery in order to recover his golden armor.

However, fate unites the pair once more, forcing them to forget the past and fight against a new threat in order to bring peace to Valiante.

With a more character-focused storyline, the second part of Garo sets aside the action during the first episode in favour of character development, a well-written script, and superb animation.

When action does take place, the visuals are taken to the next level once again, with an innovative, colourful mix of 3D and traditional animation that never ceases to amaze. garo-highlight2-500x281

Overall, this is a solid second part for a series destined to become another Japanese classic.The DVD Extras include: Episode 9 and 11 Commentary, Special Episode: DAYBREAK and Textless Opening and Ending Songs.

Garo The Animation – Part 2  is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.

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