Thanks to Madman, we got to see one of the most anticipated Blu-Ray releases of the year as the new Death Note live action film finally arrives in Australia.

The world has changed after the fall of the original Kira, Light Yagami. The general public is still unaware of the existence of the Death Notes and their ability to kill anyone whose name is written on them.

The peace doesn’t last long, as a bloodbath is unleashed by new Death Notes being dropped into Earth by the Shinigamis, as well as the resurrection of Kira, who might be Light himself coming out his grave.

It’s now up to a policeman (who was part of the Light manhunt) and the successor of L to bring Kira and the Death Notes down again.

Light up the New World is a fun addition to the Death Note series, and it cleverly links past events with the new story, bringing back iconic characters like Mia and the beloved demon Ryuk in secondary roles while introducing new players like a few more Shinigamis.

The film has a lot of Death Note fan-service. However, it lacks of the impact of the manga, anime or its previous live-action predecessors. It’s just more of the same but more predictable, and with an annoying wannabe badass replacement for an irreplaceable character like L.

Overall, though, it’s a good addition to the Death Note story and amusing – mostly courtesy of Ryuk and the Shinigamis despite their short screen time.

Light up the New World is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.

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