About the Middle Earth Barbie

I started cosplay in 2006 after I went to my first convention I was hooked as soon as I saw my favourite characters come to life.  Since then I’ve been improving my skills in sewing and crafting. Every costume I make is even bigger and better than the last, but I never forget my previous costumes in case I want to re-vamp them one day.

1. When did this fascination for Cosplaying started?

2006 I was 15 and I saw a perfect Sailor Moon cosplayer

2. What was the first Cosplay you ever did??

I was Freya from an anime called Chobits. The costume is cringe-worthy now but I was definitely proud of my efforts back then.

3. What was the first convention you went to?

Supanova Brisbane 2006

4. What is your favourite character and why? (Favourite character or favourite character to Cosplay??)

My favourite character to cosplay would have to be Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones mainly because of the dragon I made. Other people wanted to wear it, pet it, and hold it. I loved how interactive this cosplay was at the convention.

5. What is your most precious costume? How long did it take you to make it?

Mad Moxxi

Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2

Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2, this was my first group cosplay so I was under a lot of pressure to make it perfect good. The costume took me a total of 3 months to make and I did everything from scratch, even the fabric dying.

6. Can you name a character you are planning to portray in the near future?

Fran from Final Fantasy XII not only do I love the character but the idea of intricate filigree like armor is really challenging which makes it perfect for me.

7. A costume you dream to be able to have/make someday?

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. She was my favourite Disney princess growing up and I always dressed as her when I was little. Being very pale, blonde haired and blue eyed doesn’t make me an accurate candidate but it makes me stubborn enough to try.

8. Have you ever joined or done a group Cosplay performance?

Two actually! One in 2013 when I was part of a awesome Borderlands 2 group as Mad Moxxi and 2014 as Daenerys in a Game of Thrones group.

9. Have you ever participated in any Cosplay competition? (If yes, which ones?)

I’ve mainly participated in Supanova cosplay competitions just for fun and because my friends are the judges. I know I’m not going to win but it’s a lot of fun getting up there and talking about my favourite hobby.

10. Any funny convention or Cosplay story you can share with us?

Maid Marian

Maid Marian

Absolute favourite was at 2014 Gold Coast Supanova. I dressed as Maid Marian from Robin Hood’s Men in Tights with Chastity belt I crafted out of a thermo plastic called Worbla. I wore the key around my neck since I was actually locked into the thing. One of my good friends dressed as Jack Sparrow thought he’d be funny and try and act in character and reach for the key, when somebody yelled “slap him” and I did. Which we caught on video and spammed it everywhere. Jack Sparrow did deserve that one.

11. Have you had any strange encounters with fans of you/or the character you are portraying?

One character I cosplayed called Juliet Starling from a game called Lollipop Chainsaw has an achievement when you get the games camera to look up her skirt. A few people thought it would be funny to try that on me then run off screaming ’10 gamer points!’

12. Any word of advice for people who would like to start in the world of Cosplay?

Don’t be afraid to jump into it! Cosplay is fun and everyone starts somewhere. If you get stuck there’s a lot more cosplay pages on Facebook now where you can contact cosplayers asking them for help. Most of them should be more than happy to help you out. The cosplay community is a fun and loving group, don’t let negative people tell you otherwise.

Check some images of the Middle Earth Barbie in action below!

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