Thanks to our friends at Madman we got a chance to see the first seven episodes of ‘Charlotte’ in high quality blu-ray.

When a group of students obtain powers after reaching puberty anything can happen!

Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai and based on the story created by Jun Maeda (Angel Beasts!) ‘Charlotte’ is a heartfelt light comedy with supernatural themes.

In an alternate reality, Yu Otosaka, a handsome and self-centred high school student, possesses the ability to switch bodies for a few seconds. Thanks to this gift, Yu ranks as the number one student at his school through cheating on his exams.

One day, members of a different school push him to move to Hoshinoumi Academy, a special school for gifted students. Yu agrees after being forced and joins the school council.

Nao Tomori, the president of the student council, has the ability to disappear. She doesn’t show many emotions and has one of the most interesting backstories. Joining her is Jojiro Takajo, the second member of the council who follows her everywhere. He possesses super speed combined with teenage clumsiness. They work finding other adolescents with supernatural abilities in order to protect them from exposure. Later on in the series Yusa Nishimori, a famous idol, joins the council. Her power is to channel the spirit of her big sister Misa who can use pyrokinesis.

‘Charlotte‘ has all the ingredients of a great show. It’s fun, fast and intriguing. The characters are lovable and unique. The animation is fluid and integrates bright colours with gorgeous backgrounds. The character designs are great as well, and are done along the lines of ‘Clannad’.

The first seven episodes of ‘Charlotte’ are a fun to watch, and then suddenly after a shocking cliffhanger the atmosphere changes completely leaving you begging for more.

Madman brings ‘Charlotte’ to Australia. The Blu-ray has a behind the scenes featurette with the director and the crew, textless songs and promotional videos. Get your copy here

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